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New Arrive SE Series

Good news!!!Spider Farmer has NEW SE series in Germany warehouse.

3 models available: SE 3000, SE 5000 and SE 7000,

SE series LED Grow Light

What’s the difference between SE series and SF series??

1, New LED Bar Design

Not quantum board, all design with led bar. This design not only confirm it’s uniform PPFD distribution, spreads the light more evenly across the canopy, also provide better heat dissipation.

2, About the diodes and driver

All SE series use Samsung LM301D & Osram diodes, SE3000 use MeanWell driver, SE5000 and SE7000 use MOSO driver. New SE design with extension cord, can move the driver outside the growing room, greatly reduces ambient heat in your growing space.

3, About the Spectrum

With more red light, helps the yields and corps increase by 5%-10%.

SE3000 and SE5000 increase IR & UV diodes




4, Dimming daisy chain

With dimmer knob, can connect several lights together (Up to 30 lights), easily to control all the lights through 1 light. Perfect for commercial grow.

5, About the package and Set-up

New improved packaging can protect the light bar from transportation damage to the greatest extent. With installation manual, easy to set-up.

6, Using Tips

Model Personal Grow Commercial Grow
SE 3000 90x90cm 70x70cm
SE 5000 120x120cm 90x90cm
SE 7000 150x150cm 120x120cm


Seeding Veg Flower Veg-hanging distance FLower-hanging distance
50%-80% 80%-100% 100% above28℃(82.4℉)
Early flower:30-45cm
Mid flower:20-30cm
Late flower:15-25cm

7, Specifications

SE 3000 SE 5000 SE 7000
Input Voltage AC100-277V AC100-277V AC100-277V
Light Output PPF 822.82umol/S 1317.4umol/S 1780.45umol/S
Amperage [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Efficacy 2.75umol/J 2.75umol/J 2.75umol/J
Coverage 2ft x 2ft ; 3ft x 3ft 3ft x 3ft ; 4ft x 4ft 4ft x 4ft ; 5ft x 5ft
Weight 7.16KG 13.1KG 16.38KG
Fixture Dimensions 57.5 x 61 x 9.4cm 87.5 x 86.2 x 9.4cm 116.05 x 116 x 9.4cm
Waterproof Rate IP65
Lifespan 50000H +
Warranty 5-year manufacturer warranty


More details, please check the listing.

SE3000: https://spiderfarmer.eu/spider-farmer-se3000-full-spectrum-led-grow-light/

SE5000: https://spiderfarmer.eu/spider-farmer-se5000-led-grow-light/

SE7000: https://spiderfarmer.eu/spider-farmer-se7000-commercial-led-grow-light/


Any problem or needs feel free to contact.

Email: [email protected]

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