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What’s the difference between Black & Silver SE Series?

Spider farmer has released the SE series in 2021 in 2 colors.

Except for the color, any other differences? This topic will inform you of the more differences.

Before we talked the difference, let’s see some similarities.

1, Both versions with Led bar design, confirm its uniform PPFD distribution.
It means that you will no longer have to move plants manually to get enough light absorption.
This light solved the issue of plants growing rapidly in the middle part of the fixture but growing slowly in surrounding parts, ensuring the maximum harvest for indoor growers.

2, Same full spectrum.
Full Spectrum of Spider Farmer SE series

SE3000,SE5000: 380-410nm(UV),660-665nm,730-740nm(IR),3200-4200K,4800-5000K

SE7000: 650-665nm, 3200-4200K,4800-5000K

3, Dimming Daisy Chain Function

Both designed with dimmer knob, with dimming daisy chain, easy to control.

4, Coverage

SE3000: 70x70cm–90x90cm

SE5000: 90x90cm–120x120cm


Difference between Black SE and Silver SE

1, Led chips/diodes

Black version design with Samsung LM301D diodes, Silver version design with Samsung LM301B diodes.

From the following picture, you can see the difference between 2 types of diodes.

2, PPE


Similarities Spectrum 380-410nm(UV),660-665nm(IR),730-740nm,2800-3000K,4800-5000K

【SE7000 without UV & IR】

Coverage Both new LED bar designs, cover the same area.
Input Voltage AC100-277V
Dimmable Both with dimming Daisy Chain function
SE3000 SE5000 SE7000
Different Led Diodes Black(Samsung LM301D) 896pcs 2016pcs 3330pcs (6 bars)
Silver(Samsung LM301B) 896pcs 1680pcs 2688pcs (8 bars)
PPE Black 2.75umol/J 2.75umol/J 2.75umol/J
Silver 2.8umol/J
Driver Black MeanWell MOSO MOSO
Silver MOSO/Inventronics
PPF Black 822.82umol/S 1317.4umol/S 1780.45umol/S
Silver 777umol/S 1317umol/S 1920umol/S


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