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What Can I Do If My LED Grow Lights Get Too Hot?

The LED grow lights in your indoor garden are the most critical part of growing a successful crop. They provide light and heat, which are required to cultivate healthy plants. However, if the temperature gets too high, you may need to take steps to prevent overheating.

Here in, we discuss what makes grow lights hot and tips to cool LED lights so you can continue growing beautiful plants indoors.

What Makes LED Grow Lights Too Hot?

LED grow lights are more efficient than other types of grow lights and generate less heat. But this doesn’t mean they generate no heat at all; they still create some excess energy that needs to be released into the air around them. 

Having electricity passing through the grow light’s diode, but it doesn’t get converted to light will be turned to heat.  This can cause the temperature inside your grow room to increase if you don’t have proper ventilation.

Another reason your LED grow light is too hot is that they produce heat in the form of light absorption. A more significant portion of the light leaving the LED will convert to heat once absorbed by objects in the grow space; the aftermath of a “closed system.” Assuming there will be no light leaving your grow tent, it will then eventually convert into heat.

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed but can change forms. Hence, when an object absorbs light, the light does not disappear. Instead, it will convert to chemical energy stored by plants as fats or turns into heat energy, making your LEDs hot.  

Ways to Fix an Overheating LED Grow Light

Tips for cooling overheating LED grow lights include:

Check The Grow Tent’s Ventilation

feature of indoor grow tent
Ventilation of Spider Farmer Grow Tent

Ventilation helps enhance air circulation which will in turn cool down hot grow lights. Spider Farmer Grow Tent comes with ventilation. Ensure you check how to open the ventilation for better cooling your grow space and lights.

Spider Farmer manufactures tents that are easy to open for fresh air circulation. Also, they tag along floor ducts that let you attach oscillating fans for enhanced airflow.

Check Your Gadget’s Rating and Prevent Overheating

If your LED grow light gets too hot, it could be overpowered. This can cause the bulb to burn out prematurely and damage the entire unit.

Many factors affect a light’s intensity; wattage is one of them. If you’re using a grow light with a higher wattage than recommended, it may be overpowered and cause overheating and other issues like flickering and buzzing sounds.

We recommend using the correct wattage for your LED grow light to avoid overheating. How to choose the right Spider Farmer LED products?

Install Fans

You’ll want to place inline duct fans where they can pull heat away from your plants and grow lights. 

To avoid overheating, there should be an equal amount of hot air moving away from our LED grow lights as there is cool air moving towards them, so they stay within their optimum operating temperature range.

Spider Farmer Inline Duct fans will help keep large volumes of warm air moving around rooms, which reduces temperatures by expanding available volume for cooling down.

Use a Hydro-Cooling System

If a grow light becomes too hot and is causing problems for the plants, use a hydro-cooling hydroponic system. This water-based cooling system uses recirculation to cool down your LED grow lights.

A hydro-cooling system works by pumping water through a closed loop and then passing it through a heat exchanger, which cools down the water before sending it back through another loop or out to drain (for example, into an external drain or bucket). The cooled liquid then passes through yet another heat exchanger before returning to its starting point inside your grow room again.

Don’t Place LED Grow Lights In Areas With High Temperature

If your LED grow lights are in a hot grow space, they are likely to be hot. Instead, mount your LED grow lights in a cool place. Lights in cooler areas can last longer.

Instead of having a garden in a random corner on your balcony that gets fluctuating temperatures, Spider Farmer Grow Tents will help you monitor your growing temperatures. Having a garden in a controlled space will let you watch all conditions, resulting in increased yields.

Spider Farmer Will Help You Grow Successfully

It’s important to remember that overheating can happen to anyone. Even though you may be new to growing plants indoors, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of having an indoor garden. Following the tips above will help you keep your garden’s grow lights cool.

Spider Farmer will help you grow your garden. We provide the best LED grow lights, grow tents, carbon filters, and fans. We test our products before shipping to ensure they are working. For more information, Contact Us. Our responsive customer care is on standby to attend to you.

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