Guide to choose right Spider Farmer Products

If you are ready for your own grow, matchable led grow lights and grow tents are the most important tools when it comes to indoor gardening.

Why need grow tents?

  • No need build a grow room, expensive and time consuming
  • Can set up and transport your growing environment easily
  • Easy to control your grow environment.

In this post, will show you how to choose matchable spider farmer led grow light and grow tent, also other grow system. Also a guide video show you how to set up a Ventilation system with for a led grow tent.

How to choose suitable Spider Farmer Led Grow Light, grow tent and accessories. Please check the following chart.

Usually we will recommend you choose the grow system according to your grow size.

For personal grow, please consider SF series and SE3000, for commercial, SF4000, SF7000, SE5000, SE7000 will be the best choice. Only for flower stage, SE7000 can reach the best.

About the hanging distance of the led grow light and your plants, please check our previous blog: Hanging distance suggestion

How to choose grow tent for your light

Spider Farmer Full Grow Tent Kits, perfect for begineers, one step to start your grow.

Kits include the following system, all needs for indoor grow

  • 1 ×  LED Grow Light, Grow Tent, Inline Duct Fan, Carbon filter, Flex Air Aluminum Ducting, Ducting Clips, Fan Speed Controller, Thermometer and Hygrometer, Timer, Grow Bag, Trellis Plant Netting, Adjustable Rope Clip Hanger

After bought the kits, how to set-up the system, do not worry. Here is an in depth video guide show you how to assemble a complete ventilation system in a Grow Tent step by step.

What To Do After You Set Up Your Grow Tent.

  1. ​Choose the right hydroponic system
  2. Start your seeds
  3. Give nutrients and water regularly
  4. Watch, learn and grow with your plants!

Still have problems, feel free to contact us, will try best to help.

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