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The Benefits of Adding Carbon Dioxide to Your Growing


Growing plants is a process with a learning curve, but understanding plant fundamentals can help. Carbon dioxide is an essential factor in the plant growth cycle. In this article, we will look into the benefits of adding carbon dioxide to your grow.

What is CO2?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the active components required for successful photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that plants rely on to create food and grow. For this reason, it also plays a vital role in the effectiveness of growing weed.

During photosynthesis, plants rely on the energy provided by light to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars. These essential sugars are used to support the growth of the plant. In many ways, CO2 for plants is air or food for humans.

Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide

What Are the Benefits of Adding CO2 in Your Growing? (3 Growing Stages)

Since plants rely on carbon dioxide to generate their own sugar source and grow, there are many benefits to adding CO2 to your growing process. Plants that are given a steady supply of carbon dioxide are able to strengthen their natural cycles.

When growing weed, it is only natural to want strong and healthy plants. Although a variety of factors influence weed plant growth, CO2 is one addition that can give growers everything they want—healthy, strong, and vibrant plants.

During the vegetation stage, plants with extra CO2 receive the most benefits, increasing several processes of the growth cycle. In the flowering phase, plants receive more flowering and an increase in flower size when exposed to more CO2. When flowering weed plants reach their final stage with additional CO2, they are fully developed prior to being harvested.

Let’s explore what you get when adding CO2 to your plants.

Higher Yield

You can think of carbon dioxide as food for your plants. If you are looking to increase the yield of your plants—and most growers are—you can do so by providing your plants with more of these essential factors.

weed plants that are exposed to healthy amounts of carbon dioxide are known to receive a higher yield. In the same way that food helps children to grow at a healthy rate, CO2 can increase your plants’ yield.

It is simple—by giving your plants more food, you are giving them the essential building blocks to grow and thrive.

More Effective Growth

Everything in nature requires essential inputs to support growth. Without them, any living thing will struggle to grow. Transversely, when living things are given more of what they need, they tend to thrive.

When you add CO2 to your plants, you are supporting its natural growth cycle. Ultimately, this means that your plants have more resources to grow. With the introduction of more carbon dioxide, your plants will grow better and more effectively.

Durable Plants

There are few things more upsetting to growers than the loss of a plant. As anyone who grows plants knows, plants can be durable—or they can be fickle. When plants wither or die, it can mean the loss of time, effort, and money. Fortunately, carbon dioxide can protect against this.

Plant durability is a convenience for the average houseplant, but for a plant, it is essential whether you are growing for yourself or a company. Plants that receive more CO2 are often stronger and more durable than their carbon-dioxide-deprived counterparts.

Enhancing the durability of plants can have an essential impact on how they interact with all environmental risks. They will be more capable of acclimating to temperature changes, weather changes (if applicable), and even problems with pests that can cause serious damage or even death in the plant. Carbon dioxide is a powerful partner in creating plant resiliency.

Increased Efficiency

While a standard plant is free to bloom on its own schedule, growers often have a vested interest in the efficiency of their plant’s growth. By introducing more CO2 to your plant’s environment, you stimulate efficient growth on a base level.

When plants receive more CO2, they are able to more effectively process the sunlight available to them in their environment. As you introduce more of this plant food into your plant’s environment, you trigger the natural chemical process of photosynthesis.

Since plants often work with what they have, they can grow at different rates. With more available CO2 in combination with more of the sugar that they need to grow—sugars that are stimulated by the introduction of more CO2–plants can more easily process the CO2 at a rate with increased effectiveness.

For growers, this one change can mean faster growth cycles. With this switch, you can grow more quickly and with greater results.

How to Add CO2 to Your Grow?

Using CO2 for plants can certainly help your plants to thrive, but it still takes a few steps to make it possible. Learning how to add CO2 to grow tent can have many positive benefits.

Plants require certain CO2 levels to reach specific levels of efficiency, which means it is essential to know how to add CO2 to grow tent. Levels below 200 PPM will result in plants not growing.  However, plants cannot benefit from levels over 1,500 PPM. Keep these values in mind when adding CO2 to your plants and assessing their environment.

The Cheapest Way to Add CO2 to Grow Tent Designs

Using systems that naturally release CO2 over time to plants make it easier to maintain levels inside the system. With slow-release CO2 solutions, growers can ensure that their plants receive a steady, concentrated flow of CO2 that will support natural growth and stimulate plant activity on a fundamental level—for an affordable price.

Weed growers can support CO2 supplementation using CO2 generators or compressed CO2 to stimulate growth. With this approach, growers can create sustainable plants that grow efficiently and provide a fruitful harvest too.

The Takeaway

CO2 is one factor that heavily influences the way that plants grow throughout their lifecycle. Introducing more carbon dioxide to the environment of most plants can have a powerful impact on how the plants grow and develop. Supporting your plants by creating a nutrient-rich environment is one effective way to create higher yield and plants with exceptional flowering. With a little extra CO2, plants thrive—weed included.

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